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About Synovetin OA®

Canine Arthritis Management

With Synovetin OA, 1 treatment is all it takes to give your dog up to 1 full year of relief

Synovetin OA is dosed directly into the elbow joint, right where the pain is. There, it targets the source of inflammation that leads to pain and causes your dog to limp.

Synovetin OA is unique in that it treats only the affected joint(s) and is not absorbed into your dog’s body like traditional dog arthritis treatments. You can be confident that treatment with Synovetin OA is safe for relieving arthritis pain in dogs.

Canine Arthritis Management

Up to 1 full year of relief

Canine Arthritis Management

Treats only affected joints

Overall treatment success

You can also rest assured that Synovetin OA has been proven highly effective in clinical studies of dogs with elbow osteoarthritis.

Canine Arthritis Management

Synovetin OA® is a unique way to treat dog joint pain

It’s not an NSAID pill or chew that you have to remember to give daily. And it’s not joint surgery that may require long recovery.

It’s a simple, safe, fast, non-surgical dog arthritis injection. In almost all cases, your dog can go home with you the same day.