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Canine Arthritis Management
Canine Arthritis Management
Canine Arthritis Management

Restores active lifestyle

Canine Arthritis Management

Provides durable pain and inflammation relief

Canine Arthritis Management

Alters the treatment of chronic OA

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Synovetin OA® (sin-OH-vuh-tin O-A) is a different kind of dog arthritis treatment that gives your best friend long-lasting pain relief.

As a pet parent, it hurts to see your dog in pain and limping from elbow osteoarthritis, no longer able to be the life-loving, active pet you’ve always known.

That’s where Synovetin OA can help. It’s a completely different way to relieve arthritis pain in dogs that works directly at the source of the pain. It doesn’t require you to give daily pills or chews and doesn’t involve surgery or lengthy, difficult rehabilitation.

With Synovetin OA, all it takes is a single, simple, once-yearly dog arthritis injection for pain relief that can last up to 1 full year to get you back on the trail together again.

Ask your family veterinarian about Synovetin OA for your dog.

This procedure can only be performed by licensed veterinarians at veterinary hospitals permitted to use internal radiation therapy. On rare occasions, discomfort in the treated elbow has been seen in dogs that can last up to 72 hours after treatment.  Short-term home-care instructions must be followed after treatment to minimize extended close contact such as co-sleeping. Please see Consumer Product Information for more information.