Track Your Progress

Track Your Progress with Us

We want to be a part of your story from the beginning.
It’s important to track your dog’s progress—before and after treatment. Seeing your dog every day can make it hard to notice the changes in their gait over time. Having access to video(s) of your dog before their treatment can be an invaluable tool in tracking their progress.

We’d love to see it too! Upload any pre-treatment or post-treatment footage you have so we can follow along with your dog’s progress.

Some tips to taking video of your dog:

1.  Make sure you hold your smartphone vertically, not horizontally.

2.  Take before treatment and after treatment videos of your dog walking, running, playing, from all angles.

3.  Make sure there’s good lighting.

4.  Videos don’t need to be long…10-15 seconds or so for each is plenty.


Ask your family veterinarian about Synovetin OA for your dog.