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Our name, Exubrion, comes from the word “exuberance,” which means being full of energy and excitement.

  • This speaks to our determination to help animals live healthy, active, pain-free lives
  • It defines our enthusiasm for supporting the veterinarians who care for pets with innovative new therapies, specifically through degenerative joint disease in dogs treatment
  • It expresses our deep commitment to solutions that will help pet parents who are looking for the best way to treat arthritis in dogs so their best friend can be an active, life-loving pet


Canine Arthritis Management

We want to make sure both veterinarians and pet parents have an effective option for canine arthritis management


Ask your family veterinarian about Synovetin OA for your dog.

This procedure can only be performed by licensed veterinarians at veterinary hospitals permitted to use internal radiation therapy.  On rare occasions, discomfort in the treated elbow has been seen in dogs that can last up to 72 hours after treatment.  Short-term home-care instructions must be followed after treatment to minimize extended close contact such as co-sleeping. Please see Consumer Product Information for more information.

Canine Arthritis Management

Develop innovative, breakthrough technology

Canine Arthritis Management

Address one of the most significant areas of unmet need in veterinary medicine

Canine Arthritis Management

Provide a solution specifically developed and extensively studied for use in dogs

We are driven to help pets, their families, and their veterinarians

Canine Arthritis Management

Our commitment to pets

Do more to help relieve arthritis pain in dogs in order to improve their ability to run, jump, and play.
Canine Arthritis Management

Our commitment to pet parents

Help people better care for their beloved dogs as family members, without the need for daily medications, multiple injections, or lengthy rehabilitation.
Canine Arthritis Management

Our commitment to veterinarians

Support surgeons in their efforts to resolve the chronic pain of OA and improve the active lives of dogs.

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