Before Your Visit

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Get ready for your dog’s Synovetin OA® treatment…and start looking forward to many months of active, joyful pain relief

Just think how great it will be to have your best friend running, jumping, and playing again. That’s what your upcoming appointment for Synovetin OA will help make possible.

This unique arthritis treatment goes to work deep inside your dog’s elbow right where it hurts, eliminating the harmful cells that cause inflammation and pain. After this single treatment, you’ll soon be back to doing all the things you love to do together.

But, before your visit, here are a few things to know so that you and your dog are ready to go.

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Have your dog treated with Synovetin OA and receive a check to use for any products and/or services at your primary care veterinary hospital. Receive $250 if both of your dog’s elbows are treated with Synovetin OA or receive $100 if one elbow is treated.*

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Have questions about Synovetin OA®? Contact out C.A.R.E. team

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C.A.R.E. is a special service that offers a wide range of support for pet parents, like you, who are interested in Synovetin OA® for their dog’s elbow OA. This program puts you directly in touch with Registered Veterinary Technicians (RVTs) who have the expertise to:

• Help you better understand what Synovetin OA is and how it works to manage OA pain and inflammation

• Give you answers to any questions you may have about the product, the procedure, safety and effectiveness, and more

• Make it easy to get all the right information about your dog’s specific history to this Treatment Center in order to speed up the treatment process

Please feel free to call the RVTs at c.a.r.e. directly at
866-DOGSRUN (866-364-7786) from 9 AM to 5 PM, EST.
Or email at [email protected].

If you prefer to set up a meeting with a C.A.R.E. partner, book that meeting here.

Canine Arthritis Management

Amazing Synovetin OA Success Stories

As you get ready for your Synovetin OA consultation, take a minute to watch real pet parents share their experience and see before and after videos showing how this revolutionary treatment has transformed their dogs’ lives.

Important Information About Synovetin OA®

This treatment can only be given by veterinarians at hospitals licensed in nuclear medicine.  Temporary discomfort in the treated elbow of some dogs has been reported.  Pet owners are provided instructions to moderate proximity to the treated joint for a short period of time following treatment.  For more information, talk with your veterinarian. Please see Consumer Product Information for more information.