After the Procedure

What to expect after the Synovetin OA® procedure

Synovetin OA uses a special form of nuclear medicine designed for degenerative joint disease in dogs that delivers microscopic medical radiation particles—called tin-117m—to treat inflammation inside the elbow joint. Synovetin OA is not absorbed systemically like other dog arthritis treatments. Its activity targets only the elbow joint.

Synovetin OA has a long-lasting effect on inflammation and dog joint pain. Plus, extensive safety studies of Synovetin OA showed it did not cause adverse effects and is safe for both your dog and your family.

dog on leash walking with man

Home care instructions after getting Synovetin OA

The best news about this dog arthritis injection is that virtually all dogs can go home the same day. And they can get back to any level of activity they are comfortable with.

You will need to follow some very simple homecare instructions for a short period of time following the treatment.

The veterinarian at your Treatment Center will make sure you have all the information you need when you take your dog home.

Ask your family veterinarian about Synovetin OA for your dog.